Better than candles

Thirteen years ago, I dropped off 2-year-old Lauren 
at our friends' house at 5:30 a.m.,
cried a bit at how her life was about to change,
drove to the hospital
three hours later...
wonderful Madeleine entered our lives.

This morning the sky celebrated with these colors:

and then six girls showed up on our doorstep at 6:30
with breakfast and presents
 to surprise the birthday girl
and to make her go to school in crazy pajamas 
and (inexplicably) antlers.

{Let me just pause to give thanks for her friends.
I love these girls.
And they still act [and look] 12-13.
Enthusiasm. Giggling. Politeness. 
And none of that trying to look 21 nonsense}

I think she liked it
{and she can rock the antler and jammies look}

Happy Birthday, Maddy girl