Sick day superlatives

^note to my kids: please don't lick your palms. Or try to fake me out.

I knew it was going to happen. We have another sick one around here. Sam's home with a fever and headache today (and yesterday) so in his honor I've got some sick day superlatives:

Best pseudo-sick day movie ever: Ferris Bueller's Day Off, of course! Maddy watched Sleepless in Seattle when she was sick last week and Harry Potter is on Sam's list today.

Best drink for a sickie: Sprite. Apple juice. Water with ice and a straw.

Best place to set up sick camp: on the sofa with pillows and blankets, near a t.v. & some books

Best time to be sick: Tuesdays and Thursdays, please, or I have to miss class. Sundays are also acceptable (and we may have to do paper-rock-scissors to decide who gets to stay home from church with the sickie...what? don't judge me!).

Best lunch for a sickie: chicken noodle soup (confession: from a can), saltines, applesauce, pudding. Or a bundled-up trip through the drive thru (fresh air does a body good, even if the fast food doesn't)

Number of days until I call the doctor: 2-4 depending on symptoms. (I try to keep a good reputation around the doctor's office as being a non-alarmist mom. Although I did notice Maddy's appendix symptoms very early on and had rock star status with our doctor for a while.)

Symptom most likely to convince me to keep someone home: nausea. I can't verify it and it has foreseeable consequences if I ignore it. Also fever. Verifiable, of course.

Best signs that it's time for the sickie to go back to school: He/she has enough energy to argue with brother/sister, begins to complain of boredom (if you're truly sick, you're too wiped out to be bored...except if you have chicken pox etc.), or can run around.

Words most commonly heard around when there's a sickie home: "Did you wash your hands, honey?" "Cover your mouth, please" "How are you feeling, sweetie?" (I pull out all the endearments when someone's sick.)

Most likely time someone will get sick: right before a vacation. (Proof here and here.) Runner up: on a day I have to be somewhere (today: class and a seminar and a vet appointment. Oh well.)

Worst after-effect of sick-days: All that make-up homework from school (kids). Rescheduling everything I cancelled (me).

Best after-effect of sick-days: Alone time with the sickie (day one) , PLUS a tidier, more organized house from my puttering (days two+)