Around here these days...

~Twilighting. I am taking Lauren to the midnight opening of  Twilight tonight.  Yes, I'm officially crazy.  I'll just leave that Mother of the Year nomination form conspicuously on the table there.

~Grooming. Louie is out getting his groovy on today.  His first grooming appointment which, because of his fabulous fur, will take all day. I kind of miss him around here.  We haven't been able to see his eyes for months. I wonder if he'll look like John Stamos/Rod Steward/David Bowie again?

~Listening. You know how when you were an early teen and there was That Song that you absolutely loved and (in my case) taped off of the radio and listened to over and over and over?  The one you never ever got sick of and made your heart go flutter every time it came on?  That's happening around here these days with the same songs flowing from two bedrooms.  My girls are officially obsessed with Taylor Swift and her new CD that came out this week.  Especially White Horse:  "I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairy tale..." (Let me take this opportunity to apologize to my family for inflicting them with  Footloose tape, Journey's "Open Arms," and "Endless Love"  during my early music years. Then I found Depeche Mode et al. and went alternative and inflicted them with that.)  I don't think we go more than 15 minutes without someone playing that CD.  Truly.

~Presenting. Lauren got her birthday present today, four months late.  She's sooo excited about her brand new flute, the Yamaha 461H.  Next year she'll want the kind of Yamaha you can ride.

~Painting. Maddy's room will be receiving its post-wallpaper paint this weekend.  It only took me a couple of months.  Word to the wise: just go straight to purchasing a steamer to remove wallpaper. 

~Bracing ourselves. Not one but TWO of our kids are heading for braces in the next few months (Sam and Maddy).  Headgear. Retainers. Spacers. Bands.  Teeth extraction.  The works!  Upon investigation it appears that the alignment and jaw issues both kids have are not actually from my side of the family but are exactly like Greg's teeth.  And he always said he should have gotten a dental dowry when he got married...

~Handing in. I just finished my last stats assignment of the semester, with just the final left to complete next month.  I am making peace with multiple regression, residuals, outliers, and Mauchley's Test of Sphericity (which, to be honest, is just fun to say).   

~Anticipating. I love Thanksgiving.  It's my favorite holiday.  I'm enjoying making lists, planning meals and shopping.  Being thankful.  We have friends coming to see us for a couple of days right before Thanksgiving (can't wait!) so it will be a delicious, blessed week.

~Loving these. Enjoy:

Love that they are two sisters from Sweden, doing covers of Fleet Foxes music. Very talented and cool and haunting:

This adorable French girl:

This one will make any day brighter:

Guaranteed. See more here.