Thinking thankful

We've put the thankful jar out again this year, 
with blank strips of paper to jot down our thankful thoughts 
(last year the kids especially loved this & I made a little book out the thankful slips of paper).

We've waved goodbye to our wonderful pre-Thanksgiving guests
(thank you, Brad & Jen, you helped chase away my case of the Novembers).

We've sent the dog for a little 2-day vacation,
he's gotten a holiday haircut,
and now he's back enjoying the festivities

We've attended Maroon and Gold Day at the middle school.

And ran in the Turkey Trot at the elementary school 
(the whole school runs a 1/2 mile 
chasing a 5th grade teacher dressed up in a turkey costume).

We've practiced making rolls.

We're delivering Thank You fruit baskets 
with the youth group from church tonight.

I haven't started cooking yet, 
I still need to go to the grocery store one more time, 
and I forgot to take out the turkey to thaw.

But I'm getting a headstart on the thankfulness part:

I'm thankful for: 
Lauren ~Maddy ~ Sam
my family (parents + sibs) and Greg's
friends, here & there
health & chocolate
my faith & my questions
books & authors & words
my new camera + lens 
being able to continue to learn
freedom & possibilities
diet Coke & ice
knock knock jokes
funny videos
late night conversations & sunrises
travel & home
love & loneliness
future & past