Deck of cards

Let the card season begin!  
Don't you love this time of year, 
when the mailbox actually yields Good Mail?!  
(We got our first one in the mail yesterday.  Overachievers!)

My holiday card rules for us: 
capture the real us, 
make it simple,  
have a bit of oomph/uniqueness.

I just came across a cache of our old cards.
It's magic--->
Watch us age before your very eyes...



This is one of my favorites because I look good in the picture
(I was at my skinniest post-motherhood weight then)
missing in action
where are these cards?
purchased card frame
and timer-camera photo in the cold
(sometimes just getting out a card is enough, right?)
What I remember about this one is some friends thought 
that was our house and rock wall.
No.  That would be the Old North Bridge and the Old Manse.
Thanks for thinking that though!
This time we included a cheesy amusement park photo
from our trip to Denmark
It still makes me laugh.
Not pictured: update letter about our doings

Purchased photo card, printed letter (not shown).
That year we found a format we liked, using four things
(best thing, first time, favorite things, famous quote)
for each of us.
One of my favorites:

2006 was inspired by a fun wedding announcement 
we received that year
(Thanks Nathan and Sarah Jane)
It was a little packet of 4 pieces:
the red cover
the black and white photo
the update letter
the paper band holding them together
The picture was taken at Niagara Falls
and I took one for the team since it was not
a flattering picture of me AT ALL.
easiest ever:

I was so late doing these that the paper store
was out of red and green paper.
One long strip of paper
with photobooth photo on front
(scanned and printed on photo paper)
and a little message on the back.
Not even an update
(and the first time I decided to refer people to my blog).


By the way, I'm trying to figure out this year's card.
Do you have any hints?
I tag all of you to do a post of past cards.
(HA! You weren't expecting that, were you?)
Then send me the link,
and I'll publish all the links here.
Pretty please?
I really need some inspiration this year.

And also, how do you display the cards you receive?