Hello? Casey Kasem?

I'm taking a few minutes out of my madly procrastinated finals-and-papers weeks* to send out a couple of long distance dedications. I've been listening to my ipod while I work and can't help stopping to listen to these two songs when they come up, like my 12-year-old self stopping and rewinding and relistening to "Endless Love" over and over again. That I recorded from the radio, probably a Casey Kasem long distance dedication itself.

I've been a bit obsessed with Adele lately. Anyone else? I love her bluesy, smoky voice--very Ella and Etta-ish. Her cover of "Feel My Love" is dedicated to (of course) G. Not technically a "long distance dedication" but I've been in a fog of obligations/stresses/mild-grade depression for the last...oh...let's be honest...two months and he's been amazing. Rather neglected and yet amazing.

Unfortunately, he won't get this because he hardly ever reads my blog. But there's no reason why you can't benefit! If you are looking for a new favorite love song, this might be it. (I choose to interpret it as very loving rather than slightly stalkerish.)

I'm putting together a slide show for a program with the young women I work with at church. I've tried lots of different music for the background and finally decided on this one by India Arie--it always makes me feel better. So it's dedicated to my daughters and those young women (who don't read my blog) but also to my friends who are trying hard things. Playing big. Who struggle sometimes. Yeah, you. I hope you feel better, get through this, find some light, and know how amazing you are.

Tell me this doesn't do something wonderful for your heart:

She leaves my favorite verse out of this version:
The next time the radio tells you
to shake your money maker
Shake your head instead
And tell them you're a leader...

Okay, that's all. Kind of cheesy, I know. My melancholy is showing. Feel free to leave a long-distance dedication of your own.

*Dear Tufts President, Having finals in December, right before Christmas, is not very friendly to the moms who are students. Should I get and decorate a tree or should I research parent cognitions? Should I order/get presents for the children or should I prepare for my stats final? Should I study child development or see to my own children's Christmas memories? See the conflict?