Snow has fallen, snow on snow

What a gorgeous snow this has been! It's snowed on and off, ever since Friday, atypical Utah-like fine powder. Church was cut short today and we inched home through the blowing snow, after Lauren and I played a flute duet and Greg played his bass in a quintet.

Today I'm grateful for that hushed feeling that a snowstorm brings.
And that we contracted with a guy to come and plow our driveway.
And that I can make music with my daughter, who has spent many hours becoming a better flutist than I am.  
For singing along with the radio's You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch and Sleigh Ride at the top of our lungs as we took our modern sleigh ride home.  
And for fantastic movies. Greg and I saw Slum Dog Millionaire yesterday (which, so you know, is rated R for scenes of extreme poverty which would not be appropriate for children to see. Or live in, for that matter.)

and then later watched the wonderful Bella last night at home.

Food for my soul...I highly recommend both.  
I'm also grateful for playing games on the floor of the family room.  
And for writing Christmas cards and pausing to smile at memories and how much we love every single one of these people from all the phases of our lives (and wish we all lived closer to each other still).
And curling up with books in our favorite spots.
Even for tough times that help me appreciate blessed weekends like this one.
I'm grateful for busy present making behind closed doors.

For anticipation, building.