Happy, Happy Christmas Eve

from Bobedre (Denmark)

Wishing you much merriment and hygge on this magical evening.
I love Christmas Eve*.
The pineapples have been delivered.
The clam chowder and bread bowls are beginning to take shape.
The kids are hyper and happy and excited.
Music is playing.
We'll eat.
Open our Christmas crackers and wear the silly paper hats.
Take a Christmas walk.
Come back and light the final advent candles.
Read the Christmas story.
Hang stockings.
Sleep in heavenly peace.

May your Christmas wishes come true!


*even though I love Christmas Eve, that doesn't mean I haven't cried a few times today...once when we left Louie (for 10 days!) at the kennel, once when I missed family being close and felt a little sorry for myself, and once from a happy/overwhelmed mix.  Just another holiday in Annie's world :)