Greetings from Florence, Day 1

^Sleepy layover in Paris (2 a.m. our time)

^My favorite adventure companions (Paris airport)

We love our Florence apartment
{More info here if you're interested in coming here}

night walk across the Ponte Vecchio (Duomo in the distance)

Other memorable moments:
~Sam throwing up in the taxi 
(but first politely asked for a bag and 
Greg luckily had a ziploc just in time)
~the funny host at the restaurant
who took us under his wing 
and treated us to free drinks
~Loving the chance to brush up on
my rusty French at the airport
~pain au chocolat and fresh grapefruit juice
~explaining bidets and the two kinds of flushing
for European toilets

We told the kids that
these are our theme words for our adventure:

So far so good!