With love from Florence, days 2 & 3 & 4

Waiter: Would you like to order wine with your dinner?
Us: No, thank you. But can we have some bottles of water?
Waiter: You sure, no wine? (incredulous)
Me: No, we're kind of boring that way.
Waiter: Oh, no, not boring. Just....(struggling for words)...not a good life!

* * *

Good times:
Uffizi museum
Accademia (and Michelangelo's David)
Walking around (it's cold here, though!) & people watching
Amazing thick drinking chocolate with cream
Shopping at the street market (a hat, some ties, a sweatshirt, a tshirt, and some glass turtles were purchased)
Fun waiters: sat down with us, chatty, teasing the kids
Great food: gnocchi, linguini with lobster, artichoke risotto
Night-time walks
Games and laughs with kids and my parents
Running into our waiter in the center of town...we have people we know here!

* * *
Trying to be a good sport about (flexibility! positivity!):
It's unseasonably cold here! And windy! Brr.
Spotty computer connection. I must have chanced on a fantastic window of photo loading last time because it's been impossible since. Stay tuned for photos...

* * *
All in all, we're having a blast.  Hope you're enjoying the wonderful between days leading up to New Year's.