Florence in pictures

Yay! It's 11 p.m. but I found that the internet will let me load pictures now and suddenly I am overcome with the impulse to Load The Pictures. I think it's because this way, even if I drop my camera or computer into a million little pieces tomorrow {spit, spit...or whatever ritual wards off bad happenings}, at least I'll have a few of the images to aid my memory of this sweet adventure.

But here's the process: select a photo to load, click "upload", then go away and read a few blogs, click on a few facebook pages, check back 20 times and then VOILA finally loaded. Something to be grateful for when I return to my home, poorer and fatter but with quicker photo loading.

^Lauren with the hat she bought at the street market.  Ciao bella!

At sunset next to the Ponte Vecchio
we split up today so mostly I have photos of the girls

^Beauty multiplied: the Baptistry, the Duomo, and the clock tower 
{and blue skies today!}

^I will never weary of this view

^ or this lovely, sinful little concoction