A little holiday verve

To help spark the holiday spirit, 
every year I get a new holiday cd or two 
to add to our collection.  
This year this one

are my favorites.

Other favorites from years gone by: 
the Carpenters
(with John Denver...listen for Beaker's solo in the 12 Days of Christmas), 
various choirs...

How about you?

And then there are the clunkers.  For awhile my mom was collecting really bad Christmas recordings (are you still, Mom?).  Here are a few I'm pretty sure I won't be getting (but their awfulness is so wonderful!) Like this one (sorry cat lovers).  And this one, a very Brady Christmas.  And this one...wookies singing carols, anyone?  Here's a little blurb from a review of the cd:
The album's story takes place in a droid factory where robots trudge away at building toys year round for S. Claus. However they don't understand the meaning of Christmas until C-3PO and R2-D2 show them how to appreciate the holiday spirit. Even Artoo adds to the season festivities by learning how to whistle the catchy Christmas ditty, "Sleigh Ride." Later we learn who gets what from their wish list: a scarf for Luke Skywalker, perfume for Princess Leia and earmuffs for Han Solo.
 Wow.  I would not have guessed the earmuffs for Han Solo.

Finally, I appreciated the Jolly Porter for speaking up on a very important issue: the inclusion of Frosty the Snowman in the Christmas carol canon.  Pro? Con? Let's try to find some middle ground where we can agree to disagree, you guys.  See his hilarious critique here.