What I got for Valentines Day...

Ours has been a sick house off and on for the last month. Greg had strep, Lauren had strep, and then three days ago Maddy came down with a fever/cough combination gomboo. Through it all I have stayed healthy, practically bathing in purell and vitamins. I think I forgot to knock on wood.

On the drive to the airport yesterday I started feeling a little tickle in my throat. I'm sure it's just allergies, I whispered to myself unconvincingly. The headache started as I sat waiting in the airport for my flight. Maybe I'm just hungry, the delusional voice said. So I bought a chicken caesar salad to take on the plane with me.

By the time I got on the plane and buckled in, I had the uncontrollable need to cough. I will not be that annoying person on the plane I promised myself. You know, the one that everyone glares at for bringing their coughing germs to the shared air space. Instead I took a sudafed and spent the next 6 hours clearing my throat a lot.

About halfway into the flight I got sick. Really sick, the kind of sick you don't want ever be, but especially on a plane. The salad wasn't sitting with me well. I made...I don't know...12 trips to the lovely airplane loo. Now, I usually have a strong stomach. I'll feel queasy but not more than that. The last time I did that was 10 years ago. I have even spent an entire pregnancy without needing to do that.

My prayers in the claustrophobic bathrooms sounded like this: please help me to feel better. Or at least a little bit. Help me not to throw up on any passengers. And if I do, let them be really really understanding and compassionate. Please let me stay in the loo even if the fasten seat belt sign goes on. I will never take health for granted again.

At one point I asked one of the flight attendants for a bag to take to my seat just in case and she gave me a big white garbage bag! (Whatever happened to those cute little bags that used to be in the pocket on the back of the seat?)

We finally landed & I found Greg in the airport, who had landed just five minutes before me. He took good care of me & I'm feeling much better this morning. Things are looking up.

I'd just like to send my apologies out to the passengers of flight 411 last night. I'm so sorry. And happy valentines day, from me to you. Ah, the gift that keeps on giving.