Running tunes

I only demand two things of my running music: it makes me think happy thoughts and it has a good beat to motivate my pace. Here's what I've got on my playlist right now. {You will see that I came of age, musically, in the 80s so I always include a little flashback for memory's sake.}

I couldn't figure out how to link to these so I created a iTunes playlist here.
A few of the songs didn't transfer so, where possible, I've created a link for the song.

1. All I Want is You/Barry Louis Polisar
{This is the first song in the movie Juno. It just makes me smile.}

2. Grace Kelly/Mika
{Love this one, too. I usually go back and choose it again at the end of my run.}

3. Starry Eyed Surprise/Oakenfold
{I first heard this on a Diet Coke commercial--you might recognize it from there, too.}

4. Monologue/She Wants Revenge
{The most Depeche Mode-sounding band of...when did it come out?...2005?}

5. Chocolate/Snow Patrol
{Good for walking or running. Very motivating, somehow}

6. Goodbye Girl/Squeeze
{So happy. And a little dash of something different to break things up.}

7. 1963/New Order
{Couldn't find my version of this anywhere to link. I'm sorry.}

8. Because We Can/Fatboy Slim
{This is perfect to boost me to go just that much farther. Or further.}

9. Let's Go Crazy/Prince
{Dearly beloved....pure adrenaline and memory, this one.}

10. Made Up Lovesong #43/Guillemots
{Good catch-your-breath song.}

11. Bullet the Blue Sky/U2
{I always, always have a U2 song. In England (pre ipod) this was the tape I ran to.}

12. 1979/Smashing Pumpkins
{Nice beat, good song.}

13. Play That Funky Music/Wild Cherry
{Sam's favorite song & it makes me laugh. I probably strut-run a little when I hear this.}

14. Such Great Heights/The Postal Service
{Also love this song in its slow version but this keeps me going.}

15. Speed of Sound/Coldplay
{Sometimes this is my first song I listen to. Also good for slowing down.}

16. Life in a Northern Town/Dream Academy
{My all-time favorite cool down, post-run walking music.}

I'm on a quest for more. What are your favorite adrenaline-boosting songs?