Countdown to VDay

valentine airplane

With only one week to go until the big day, I thought I'd share what my kids ALWAYS make for their classes. Always. Trust me, don't even hint at the possibility that there might be other ideas to try, just for a change. They will look at you in horror as if you have suggested that their birthdays should be skipped. They love these & they're sticking with them. So it is written, so let it be done.

{Disclosure: yes, I did post about this last year. If you already read about it [and you know who you are, all three of you from back then] skip ahead to the list}.

These airplanes are so, so easy and always gets a lot of comments from their friends. All you need is two lifesavers, a stick of gum, a roll of smarties, and a longish thin elastic band per valentine. We also usually put a couple of heart stickers on the wings and attach a white tag on a string with a message.

You can pretty much deconstruct how to assemble these little numbers from the picture. We usually start by threading the elastic through the two lifesavers, then we put the smarties through the middle between them. Next we slip the gum through the elastic loops. After a while you get into a good rhythm and it's quick and easy. (I originally got this idea years ago in FamilyFun magazine. I just checked and they talk about them here.)


Just for fun, I've been putting together a list of my favorite romanticish movies. Are yours on here?

An Affair to Remember (old version with Cary Grant & Deborah Kerr)
Dr Zhivago

Ice Castles (because I loved it so much when I was 9. Xanadu too.)
Pride and Prejudice (both versions)
Possession (and I loved the book)
Truly Madly Deeply
A Walk to Remember (because Lauren is obsessed with this one right now)
Funny Face
Gone with the Wind
Sabrina (old version)
Somewhere in Time (four words: Come back to me. Also a favorite from my early years.)
Roman Holiday

I know I'm forgetting some...jump in with your own, too, please!