First of a million kisses

{warning: melancholy alert! melancholy alert! what is it with me lately??}

I have spent an entire evening reviving an old obsession with a favorite band. Never mind that I am doing a workshop tomorrow that I need to prepare for. Or that my to-do list does not include chasing down videos of a 20-years-defunct band.

Once I was a 19-year-old girl (yes, really).
I was in London, on my own, away from home...
really away from home for the first time.
Umbrellas were very often involved,
as were late 80s clothes and a bad perm.

I fell in love with the Scottish band Fairground Attraction (led by the fantastic Eddi Reader) & listened to the tape (yes, tape) constantly. Truly, it was the soundtrack of my time there. This was one of my favorites (note: it's a little slower than the original recording. And, yes, she's a hand gesturer. Try and look past it if you can.)

Achhh, that makes me want to be Scottish. Sadly, the band broke up year after recording their album but Eddi continues to record (and her brother, Francis, is the lead singer for the Trashcan Sinatras by the way. Hmm...did I just cross the line to too nerdy? This post might just be for me.)

Today when it came on my ipod, those London memories came flooding back. Along with the current-day gratitude that the person I was thinking about back then as I walked around London became the man I'm married to now. Allelujah!

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