Baby dreams

For the first time in a long time, I had a baby dream the other night. Weird. I used to have them all the time--especially when I was pregnant {& no, I'm not pregnant}--but it's been years since I dreamed one. Usually they were about my feared inability to care for or even remember the baby.

In one recurring dream, I would suddenly discover that I FORGOT TO FEED THE BABY, EVER, and, apparently, that was a really bad idea. Come to find out, though, babies don't really let you forget to feed them. Whew. (Or as Maddy says, fyoof.)

When I received this week's letter to a parent, I was fascinated to hear that not only was I not alone in the baby dreaming but that dads-to-be also have them. Click on over to read Sugata's wonderful letter about realizing what those fears were all about and how his daughters taught him they were unfounded.
{photo via flickr}