Providence was heavenly

We had a grand time. Amazing what a couple of days away will do to clear your mind and reshuffle your thoughts so that the things that really matter are on top.

Favorite moments: stumbling upon the storefront for a fantastic puppet workshop, belly laughing together during the Globetrotters, discovering & exploring a mysterious huge nest sculpture at Brown University, just walking around, and having deep and memorable conversations at restaurants with our own kids.

If you are one of the few people who want to know more or to see your grandkids more up close, you can click the links below:

1. cool ironwork, 2. chair dancing, 3. Downcity street, 4. I like these people, 5. Fam Damily,6. Carrot gone crazy, 7. Brown University quad, 8. Biltmore in Providence, 9. love these phone booths, 10. Tiled station, 11. Puppet workshop, 12. Pool roof, 13. Street of my dreams, 14. M in the nest sculpture, 15. Sam digs the pool,16. Sam & owl puppet, 17. Blurry breakfast, 18. she takes after me, 19. Improvising, 20. Cool twig sculpture,21. Contrasts, 22. beautiful view from hotel room, 23. Art is everywhere, 24. tiled columns, 25. M in euro cafe

I hope you had a beautiful Easter weekend. If you're wondering what to do with all the leftover peeps (yeah, right!) here are a few ideas. I'm glad I live in a world where people make dioramas from peeps. Here's another interpretation (thanks Dayna):