You want fame? You got big dreams?

Over the last couple of weeks we have seen two local school musical productions, one at the high school and one at the middle school. I love the joy and heart that both groups put into it. Sometimes campy, sometimes stunning, always entertaining (even if not always in the intended ways). There were some clear differences between them:

HS: kissing extra long, with side-to-side movement and obviously enjoyed
MS: no kissing, instead awkward hugging or they used a theatrical device where a prop conveniently moves in front of the couple just at the right moment, giving illusion of kissing but no actual witnessing of such.

Couples casting:
HS: can't help but wonder about the romances going on behind the scenes
MS: can't help but notice how much more quickly girls mature than boys. Real possibility that some boys are cast simply because of height.

HS: pretty good grasp on harmonizing, near professional level in some
MS: boys still singing soprano or monotone mumbling way down in the low register. A little bit like a Chipmunks recording sometimes. But very sweet!

The high school did
Crazy for You.

Nicely done.
The female lead was amazing
(I think we might see her on
Broadway at some point.)
The male lead?
Eh. Clearly not headed for
Broadway but possibly in it for
the babes.
* * *
This last weekend was the middle school musical,
42nd Street.
For a bunch of 11-14 year olds,
it was great.

The local access channel even did
a behind-the-scenes look.
It's 30 minutes long;
only their parents (and me)
are going to watch the whole thing.
But here are the highlights:

1:25 cute rehearsal number with twins singing "Dames"
4:00 cute tap number
24:15-25:15 evidence that THERE IS A SPECIAL PLACE