Wicked weekend

I decided to real-ify our spring break plans
~flashback music~
I originally thought I would drive
{yes, drive!
I had waited too late for good airfare}
the kids to Florida to visit Mickey.
We had hotel reservations and everything.
Then the 40 hours in the car
started making Florida sound
less like the Happiest Place on Earth
more like the furthest away.
So we made a quick spur-of-the-moment decision
{when I found 5 tickets to Wicked online}
to head down to NYC this weekend
for a quick one-day trip-let
I wish I had taken a picture of Sam
at the restaurant
when the gorgeous blond waitress
sat down next to him, put her arm around him,
and flirted.
Very rosy faced boy
with a wide grin.
Then he was picked not once
but twice to sing along with the
singing waiters.
Did I take a picture?
No. Shoot.
The girls especially loved the musical.
There were happy tears
& excited bouncings
& lots of recaps.

A map of Greg's travels
last week would make you suspect
he is spying on the Pope.
He spent two days in DC
in his shadow
and then we overlapped with him
in NYC (but no sightings except the
cordoned off streets).
That's all I've got for now.
Am having a bit of a blog drought.
A case of bloggerblock identity crisis.
A blog fast.