Pretend like I'm your somewhat bossy sister....

...because today I'm going to tell you what to do.

(By the way,
don't you love it
when kids are playing pretend
and one of them starts with a sentence like
"Pretend I'm the fairy...?"
and every sentence ends with an up inflection
like a question
and then the other kid adds to it
"...and I'm the mom...?"
and it just goes on and on like that,
each of them adding their link
on the pretend chain,
inviting more with their question marks,
until the chain's complete
and they move on? I do.)
Anyway, pretend I'm the sister?...
And I want to tell you what to do?...
And you read it and decide I'm not being that bossy?...
And I'm just telling you what to do because I like you?...
So we end up staying friends?

1. Make this. You really, really have to make these cupcakes . Lemony goodness. Jam filling. The people at my house practically gave me a standing ovation. Really. And pretty easy!

2. Watch this. It's a British miniseries from a couple of years ago called The Amazing Mrs. Pitchard (we came across it on the shelf at our library but apparently it aired on PBS last fall). The premise is that a grocery store manager (Mrs. Pitchard) gets fed up with the politicians who are arguing and campaigning outside her store, gives them a piece of her mind, and is not only enlisted to run for office but is--I know, almost impossibly--made the Prime Minister.

3. Or watch this instead. Where do you come down on My So-Called Life? I was a bit worried that when I watched it this time around, the reality wouldn't live up to my memory. Nope. Still good. Although in the early 90s I identified with Clare Danes's character but now I sympathize more with the poor mom (played by Bess Armstrong) who's just trying to figure out what's going on in her daughter's life, for crying out loud. Why didn't I see that before? And watching all that angsty high school drama gives me a lot of compassion for Lauren.

4. Check this out. I love this new gardening blog, done by a former editor at Martha Stewart. She may just help my black thumbs acquire a little greener hue. And stave off spring fever for a few more weeks.

5. Don't wear these. Apparently jumpsuits are all the rage with the style makers in NYC. Hmm. Growing up, jumpsuits were what the over 70-year-old men around River Heights wore while they sat on their front porches or gardened or...did pretty much anything but churchgoing. Waistbands of pants, I assumed, were just too uncomfy, too much trouble. So with that vivid association, I'm going to have to sit this one out. Just say no. Or, if you decide to, follow the Times' advice and zip carefully. (I really was a bossy sister about fashion. I remember dictating to my little brother exactly what he could and couldn't wear to jr. high. And insisted he unbutton his top polo button. Sorry Matt.)

6. Have a great rest of the weekend. Thank you for indulging my bossiness, I feel much better.