Meet the pup

Louie (as in Armstrong)/Theo (Thelonius)/Quincy (John Adams)/

If we were in a hospital with a baby,
the nurses would be giving us huge pressure to
decide already!
for birth certificate purposes.

He is a sweetheart.
Already paper trained by the breeder (I know!)
Calm and snuggly when he's inside,
Prancy and funny when he's out playing.
So far no whining or crying,
although I think he misses his brothers.
{Keep your fingers crossed for us tonight...
we're doing the crate by the bed.}

I'm exhausted.
A little like bringing home a baby
without the post-birth aches and hormones.
{But just a little. Babies are babies, dogs are dogs.}
Truly, wish me luck for tonight.
I'm kinda dreading it.