Black gold, Texas tea

We got a message from our bank yesterday that there was suspicious activity on Greg's credit card. They were putting a hold on it until they were able to speak to us.

I called Greg right away. He checked his wallet--the card was still there--and we tried to think about our spending over the last few days that might have triggered the suspicion. Me: grocery store? pet supplies? He: ATM machine? hardware store? We couldn't think of anything extravagant or exciting (someday I would like to set off the warning flags with our own out-of-character purchase, though. Wouldn't that be fun?)

Greg called me back after speaking to the bank. "Yup, someone got a hold of my credit card number and they were going crazy in Detroit. They already used it three times."

"They did?! What did they buy? How much did they spend? Are we accountable for it?"

He laughed before answering.

Guess what the crooks did with the number? Did they get jewelry or electronics or plane tickets? No. Did they buy a new wardrobe or go to expensive restaurants? No again. They got gas. As in filled up their tank(s) with gasoline. That's it. And a sad commentary on the price of crude oil it is.

(p.s. I guess it was the Michigan use of the card that set off the bells and whistles, not the price}