Weekend roundup

Happy Memorial Day!
For us this has meant...

Sleeping in a bit (except Louie)
French toast made by G
Listening to WWII music throughout the day
(thanks to the 40's station on our DirectTV)

Reading outside
(is there anything better?)

Lauren making a movie with her friends
(a disaster movie about a hurricane, I believe.

They're filming a water scene in the river.
It's for school.)
Sam's first lawn mowing tutorial from his dad

Mandatory weeding time
(awww, Dad, it's a holiday!)
Dinner with friends here in our backyard
(pulled pork sandwiches and homemade ice cream. Mmmm...)

& missing taking part in leaving flowers
on loved ones' graves
with family in the west

Have a great day,
both remembering
and making new memories

I enjoyed this National Anthem performance
posted this morning by Calibosmom
& thought I'd pass it along...