Snippets from my brain

Sometimes I wish I could have a different blog for every one of my interests--a design one, a kinda funny observations one, a more serious writing one, a photo one, a journal of our lives and happenings one, a parenting one (okay, I do sort of have that), etc. Instead I end up with this goulash of a site--everything just thrown in here. Sometimes--like today--it's all a jumble in one entry. Buckle your seat belts, folks, here we go...

Greg's Grandpa Lee sings "You are my Sunshine" to all the babies in the family, so it's become something of an anthem for us. (Although I have to stifle a grin when he gets to the line "my only sunshine" because, clearly, he has more than one sunshine in the world. He's very generous with doling out his sunshine status. Even inlaws like me are eligible!)

So when I found this handmade sign (at Yeehaw Industries, via the enchanting Snippet and Ink) I knew it must be ours. And that's all I have to say about that.

* * *

I just heard that An Inconvenient Truth will be made into an opera. REALLY, Al Gore? Are you sure you want to do that? Sounds like making a mystery novel from the tax code. Not sure how powerpoints will be translated into song. Not sure I even want to find out.

* * *

Our Memorial Day backyard party was great. Sadly, I took no pictures to document the event but trust me, it was a gorgeous day with a fun group of people. Kids played wiffle ball and on the trampoline, grownups enjoyed laughing and talking. People brought great food and we sat around and ate it until we were full and then we went ahead and ate it some more. Party #6 this year! It's my favorite new year's resolution by far. (But still not totally easy for me. This is the philosophy behind the resolution: I was an anxious hostess whenever I did a party so I decided to do a bunch of them to get over my anxiety and enjoy it. I'm getting there!)

* * *

I'm spending much of my life in the kitchen, the only room where the puppy is allowed to roam. He misses me when I go elsewhere in the house (I am his sunshine, his only sunshine, please don't take my sunshine away) so I mostly camp out here. Working. Folding laundry. Listening to NPR. Reading. Cooking. Eating. Eating again.

Note the curtain tied up off the floor so he doesn't playfully tug it down, the crate where he ostensibly sleeps, the various chew toys and towels on the floor. The chair in the foreground is next to a big long box blocking the entry to the rest of the house that we all have to climb over to get in and out of the kitchen. See the dog sleeping directly beneath the chair where I usually sit. Notice the open door to encourage house training and going uno and especially dos outside. So that's the miniature vision of our everyday life. He's cute but he's kind of taken over around here.