Lauren adores being in the theater. She was in two productions in middle school (including the lead in Twelfth Night...oh the Shakespearean lines to memorize!) and several in elementary school. This year she accepted a twice-a-week babysitting job for some neighbors, preventing her from trying out. She missed it so much (and the school play this year is going to perform at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh so she very sadly missed that, too) that she vowed to try out next year.

This week the high school announced what the musical will be next year, a highly anticipated bit of information among the music & drama set. There were swirling rumors...

Would it be West Side Story????
{that would be my pick! how fun!}.....

Or Les Miz?
Several people were sure that was what it would be....

Or maybe Oklahoma!
A good, old fashioned choice with great music.
But no...the school has chosen....


Miss Saigon.

Now, I am no prude.
I love musicals and even think Miss Saigon was pretty good.
It has some beautiful music.
But I do think there are more...
shall we say appropriate?...
selections for a high school theater group.
{And keep in mind that usually the whole community
turns out, including children}

Or maybe
nothing says High School/early teen years
like Vietnam War-era prostitution?

So do I refuse to let her try out?

p.s. These were the musicals at my high school
when I was growing up:

The Sound of Music
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

What were yours?