Universe, you've got some 'splainin to do...

~On my way out the door (Literally. Coat on, suitcase in hand, kissing kids slumbering in their beds, five minutes before leaving for the airport) on a long-anticipated weekend trip to see friends, I found that S was really hot. Feverish. I woke him to check and, yup!, he had a sore throat and raging fever. It took only a couple of moments (and S's quivering chin when he was trying to be brave) to realize this trip ain't happening, my friend. I wouldn't respect myself if I went. Sometimes being the grownup isn't all rosy privileges.

~Miss meeting fabulous friends. Miss hearing TravelinOma speak. Miss going to the Frames concert with friends (the Once musicians). Miss surprising friends/family with my appearance. Miss, also, using the Boston Ballet Swan Lake tickets that I had cancelled for trip. Drat.

~Trip to the doctor (brought L, too, who was also feeling poorly) yielded negative strep tests. Disappointment, because we were all hoping to have antibiotics to knock the sickness out. Plus we were all pretty sure they did have strep.

~Sent both kids back to school the next day, only to be called by the doctor's office notifying me that (oops!) they do indeed have strep. Go to school, apologize profusely for exposing everyone, and bring S home. L is almost done with her day by then so I let her finish out her last period (with math test). You're welcome, entire high school studentbody, for the germs!

~Find out we weren't invited to a party for some people we know. Feel kind of lonely and friendless. Realize I need to make more friends who live near me as opposed to the kind that used to live near me but have moved away. Or who I moved from.

~Find out that the children's book I have just finished writing has actually already been written in essence by someone else. Different characters, different situations, same idea and theme (that I thought were completely original). Are you kidding me?? I've never in my life heard of the book. But it exists. Darn.

~Start feeling crummy. Sore throat. Shivery. Sleep, sleep, sleep, repeat...missing two training runs in the process...

* * *
Here's the thing, universe:
I have the best guy in the world who let me sleep for basically the last two days.

Who built a fire in the fireplace last night because it was chilly
and he knows how much I love it.

Who assembled my new bicycle for me while I was...you guessed it...sleeping, just because he knew I was anxious to see it and (hopefully) to ride this week.

Who knows what to do when I'm feeling disappointed and sick and sad.

So I can't be mad for long.

I'll rework the book,
feel better tomorrow (I love ya, tomorrow!),
make new plans to see friends,
and even plan to make new friends.

In balance, I always come out blessed.
But you still have some 'splainin to do.