The sun came out

Well, what do you know? Things really do look better in the morning. I'm tempted to delete yesterday's gripefest but--oh well--I'll leave it up for posterity. I'm back to the 'joy' thing again. Whew. No one wants to read Basic Gripeyness (or do they??).

So, a couple of housekeeping items:

Puppy names. We are still debating dog names {right now several of your submissions are definitely in the running} so you're welcome to continue to throw out ideas. I expect we'll finally have to decide when we bring the little guy home in the next week or two. The breeder's not anxious to have all the litter leave at one time so we have some flexibility. (This photo gives you a good idea what he will look like as grown pup.)

Letters site. I have forgotten to mention the last couple of weeks' worth of posts on the Letters to a Parent (LTAP?) site. Last week we had a great letter about embracing normal--the ups and downs of normal--and remembering to slow down, breathe, and get enough oxygen. This week I received a lovely heartfelt letter about the things we keep forgetting and re-remembering in the cycle of parenting. I continue to be buoyed and delighted by the letters that come in. Keep 'em coming!

Oh, the angsty angst. I've been reading some of my journals from my teen years. Let's just say it gives me so much compassion for my girls (and my Mom, in retrospect). I HAD FORGOTTEN THE ANGST! Oh, how could I forget the angst? About a betrayal and a boy:

"I feel like I can't live but know I will. My heart feels like it's shredded and all over my stomach and can I survive? mom seems to shrug it off lightly, she just doesn't understand that this is SO important to me and I am just crushed. Well, more later."
And then the next entry is a lighthearted and very detailed description of another boy I like. (I should say that my mom was actually a fantastic & listening mom. But this did give me a little reminder window into the emotional life of the teenage girl. And a nudge to be better at understanding it.)

Happy Monday! This made me laugh & reminds me of the story of Louisa May Alcott. The family had a pillow on the sofa that would indicate Louisa's mood so that family members knew whether to steer clear or not.