A great mail day for a wanderer

Look at what my friendly postman brought me in the mail!

New, renewed passport
Mine expired in March & I've felt a little jittery without one
What if...
I win a trip to Prague
or there's a really cheap airfare to Greece
or I get invited to the Fringe festival in Edinburgh
or Sue needs emergency help in Ireland
or someone needs me to accompany them somewhere?
So now I've got one again
and my wanderer heart feels at ease.
{and it only took two weeks!
I highly recommend getting one now
if yours has expired or will soon}

A red, white, and blue airmail envelope
with sheets and sheets of thin crinkly paper
filled with information and stories
and discussion of child development in developing countries
and love from Mali.
Those red and blue edged white envelopes
used to make my heart go pitter pat (and still do)
back when I was corresponding with
(okay, I'll admit it)
a handful of young men serving abroad.
And in my formative years
my grandpa Pax would send lovely detailed letters
about the flower boxes in Germany
the oompa bands passing by his seat in a sidewalk cafe
the mountains the foods the accents the smiles in Italy
the warmth the richness the spicy smells in Turkey.
I don't have to look far to figure out where I got my wanderlust...