Happy dances

When I was in my teens I acquired a distinctive happy dance. It was a hoppy bit of glee that signalled my excitement. College acceptance letters, invitations to a big dance, good scores on a test all warranted the probably-awkward-but-definitely-sincere choreography. I don't pull it out very often anymore, not because I don't feel gleeful but because I've learned to contain it a bit. Still, my family knows I might break out into happy dance without notice if something takes me by surprise. Much to their chagrin, I'm sure.

In that spirit, here are some happy dance videos. Feel free to break out into your own version.

1. This one's kind of old school + I think I posted about it a year or two ago. But you've got to include Matt in any discussion of happy dance. The guy's turned his herky jerky one into a money maker as he traveled the world and taped his happy dance.

2. I saw this one in the last couple of days {via Very Short List ...if you don't subscribe to their daily posts, you're missing out!}. I get tired just watching this guy jump two-footed around what looks to be London. Literally light in the loafers. A good workout. How'd they do that?? Here's Goldfrapp's video of Happiness:

3. This one's my new favorite. A girl (24ish?) dances right along to the footage of her 1987 self dancing with abandon. So sweet + it made me want to connect with the 4-year-old me somehow too. Girl's got moves! {Found via Mighty Girl}