Oh, the indignity

Because we were gone overnight this past weekend, we found a place for Louie to stay--a kennel that also bills itself as a pet spa. As long as he was there, I signed him up for a bath and nail clipping because he had an unfortunate encounter with a bunch of pine tar last week and the goop had cemented between his toes and a little in his fur around his feet.

From what we can tell, he had a fabulous time mixing it up with the lady pups and charming the staff. His fur stylist, however, must have been a stowaway from the 80s. Maybe she worked at a salon and they finally had to let her go because no one wanted 80s rock mullets anymore. So she thought...I know, I'll do DOG fur into big styled mountains (by the way, they weren't supposed to cut his hair, just shampoo).

The result is kind of bewildering. At first I kept looking at him, wondering "is this really our dog?" I think he looks like Labyrinth David Bowie (if you've seen The Flight of the Conchords that will be a tiny bit funny).

Greg thinks he bears a striking resemblance to Rod Stewart:

Maddy calls him Uncle Jessie because he looks like Full House John Stamos (yes, my kids are well acquainted with Full House reruns. It's a sickness. They TiVo it).

Basically, he ended up with layered, sticking-up hair in the front (the dreaded claw/bangs to heaven look) with a weird part. Rock on, Louie. Poor puppy. Come to find out, even dogs have bad hair days. Rest assured, we're not laughing with him, we're laughing at him. Do you think he can tell?

[edited to add picture:
sadly, this is only a taste of
the rock-on-ness of his cut 'n style.
Doesn't he look like he's begging
us to never do that to him again?]