Oh my wordle...

Isn't this cool? Found via TED, this is a wordle. You can take any text and create a wordle cloud in a variety of forms, fonts, and colors.

This was my sample try, using the list of things about my dad in my post a couple of days ago.

The possibilities are endless! How about....

~the opening paragraph of your favorite novel
~the names of everybody in your extended family
~lyrics to "your song"
~a list of places you've lived + visited (ooo...I'm going to do that one right now...)

This is not going to be good for my productivity.

p.s. the only glitch is that it's a java application, which means you can print it, save it as a pdf, and take a screenshot but not save it as an image like you would a normal photo. These are screenshots that I cropped. Have fun!!!