Good for what ails you

Did you see the scene in the movie Cinema Paradiso where Salvatore watches the reel of film left to him by Alfredo, his beloved childhood friend who was the local movie projectionist? As he watches, he realizes it's all of the movie kiss scenes (the ones that the church required to be cut out of the films) now spliced together. (Click here to see, as long as you don't mind a quick bare bosom shot. I'm just case you prefer a warning.)

Well, in that spirit I introduce you to my new obsession: montage movie scenes posted on YouTube. I may or may not have spent the better part of this morning watching them. Or I may have spent the morning cleaning and gardening and scrubbing the baseboards--I'll never tell!

Are they kind of cheesy and corny? Well, yes, of course! Bring on the cheese! And the corn! The cheesy corn! But I challenge you to watch these and not get that foofy romance feeling, especially if any of these movies are ones you remember fondly. This one's all period pieces (mmm...yes, please) but there are more. Many, many more. I think someone may need to stage an intervention for me...

Sigh. [The only thing I might change about these are the music selections, but that's just because I'm kind of picky about my tunes.] Okay, where was I?

How did I find these, you ask? My mom (who herself assembles a great montage of favorite clips using the trusty VCR) forwarded me a great clip (you should watch's good) of Diane Keaton talking about the magic of filming the train station scene in Reds. Then a few more clicks on YouTube, trying to find the train station scene in Reds, led me to the black hole of movie montages.

Have fun but be careful. Don't say I didn't warn you...