Moment of Silence

Dearly beloved...

We are gathered here today to say farewell 
to the former contents of Clementine MacBook 
(from good Scottish stock, is my laptop computer).

Gone on July 26, 2008

Perhaps what I will miss most 
are the photos she so lovingly stored and displayed....
Or the hours and hours of music she played*...
No, I think what I will most miss 
are the many PhD documents 
that were safely (?) nestled within her bosom.  
Whenever I needed them, Clementine was there.

Until she wasn't.

* * *

The rest of the story?  I stupidly put my beloved laptop on a pile of magazines on the counter. As I walked away, I heard a sliding sound and turned to see the pile teeter and Clementine fall on the wood floor.

There was a slow motion "Nooooooooo!" moment where I dove with my arms outstretched. Louie the dog came running in from outside.  Children dashed from their rooms.  I don't know--you may have heard the wail from where you were on Saturday at 11:16 a.m. if you listened carefully. 

I held out hope until yesterday, when I had an appointment with the lovely men at the Apple Store Genius Bar (hi Court! hi James!).  But their deft magic wouldn't work on Clementine's innards.  She was too far gone.

But don't cry for me, Argentina (everywhere else, feel free). They replaced the hard drive for me.  I still have Clementine and she has been made clean as fresh snow. It's a new beginning, right?  Right?? 

* p.s. I lost my ipod in May and just hadn't replaced it yet so I really lost all my music.  If that ever happens to you, I have a helpful hint: iTunes can allow you to redownload all your purchased items!  Yay--a sparkle of good news in a bleak sea of  despair.  Where the waves of oh-no-I-lost-that-too just keep on coming.

p.p.s. Needless to say, I am new convert to the School of Backup. You know how you get a prompt saying "would you like to backup your files"?  DO IT.