Poor little conehead

Turns out there is something worse than losing all your data on your computer*:
Getting neutered.  
(Just ask Louie.)

First they shave you in all sorts of undignified ways.
This particular look surprised us.

Then you have to wear a sad little collar
for 10 to 14 days
(They try to class it up by calling it an Elizabethan collar
but really it's just a plastic cone.
I'm pretty sure Queen Elizabeth I would be insulted.)

No running and playing.  For 10 to 14 days.
No bathing or getting wet. For 10 to 14 days.
Bumping your cone against walls, stairs, the floor
as you adjust to your new width.
(Do we laugh? Yes we do.)
Very sad.

Ah, perspective.

When I went to pick up Louie, they gave me this kit: 

Spay/neuter kit?!
Whoa! I had no idea this was a self-serve neutering operation! 
I hope they give some pretty detailed instructions.  
Cause I don't know if I'm comfortable...

All day Louie looked at me like this.  

Finally I realized what he reminded me of. 
He's like the RCA dog and the victrola all in one, 
don't you think?

You're welcome, Bob Barker.

p.s. Thanks for your condolences and sympathies for my Clementine.  (As Allysha so perfectly put it: Clementine is dead.  Long live Clementine!) Things are looking up as I reinstall and reconfigure and upload.