Remember how I'm spending every day at the pond? I figured there would not be much to write about since, let's be honest, how many different ways can I say I'm reading on the beach and my kids are swimming? But it turns out there is great eavesdropping to be had!

* * *

Lifeguards call out: 11:30 lessons! Come warm up! Get in a circle and stretch.
[kids assemble.]

Lifeguard 1: Okay. We're going to go around the circle and say our name and...our spirit animal.

Lifeguard 2 (and half the class): What? What's a spirit animal?

Lifeguard 1: Well...it's um...the animal we have spiritually inside us.

Other lifeguards: guffawing and mocking poor Lifeguard 1.

One kid: I don't get it.

Another kid: What if you don't have a spirit animal? I don't think I have one.

Lifeguard 2: Exactly! Let's do our favorite animal because not everyone is aware of their spirit animal or even knows what one is (looks meaningfully at Lifeguard 1, like 'what are you thinking, dude, these are 6 to 9 year olds here?'). By the way Lifeguard 1 chose "hawk" as his spirit animal. If you're wondering.

* * *

Kids are playing in the sand, digging channels for water.

Bossy girl: We need a lake over here! Somebody has to dig a lake right now. Right here!

4 year old girl nearby: Don't get ME involved!

[Amen, sister. Just say no.]

* * *

Behind me, two women discuss their household help.

"Oh, I'll give you her name. She's Brazilian. But she's a really good woman, someone you'll feel good about having in your home around your things. And she does laundry. And makes the beds!"

[Just a piece of advice, prejudiced-sounding lady: try eliminating the word but from that sentence. It would make you seem so much more open minded and less harsh. Just a thought.]

* * *

Isn't eavesdropping great? And it's especially easy at a beach because you can pretend you're reading when really you're straining your ears to catch the whole conversation. As I recall, my mom is pretty good at it. Sometimes at restaurants, she would fill us in on the situation going on one table over. {I must take after her because sometimes I do that for G, too.} Next time I'll bring my notebook and be Harriet the Spy, thirtysomething edition.

What good stuff are you hearing?