Oh dear

This week we've spent our days on the beach of Bear Lake with Greg's family.  We bring food and drinks and chairs and a shade-giving fold-up gazebo thing, taking turns going skiing/riding/tubing on the boats.  The only thing missing is a bathroom.

Which is not strictly true, since there are three portapotties up next to the road.  But everyone does their darndest to avoid having to use them. Some people even take strategic wades out to waist deep water.  I'm not judging, just stating facts.

This morning Maddy had occasion to use the plastic green structures.  She trudged the 200 yards with her younger cousin, did what she needed to, then raced back to the beach just in time to catch the next boat for tubing.
Later, on the boat, she commented "Wow.  Those portapotties were really dirty and gross.  And the soap was all dried up."

It took me two seconds to realize what she was talking about.

"Maddy, that wasn't soap!"  {All of the adults try not to meet gazes and not burst out laughing.}

"What was it then?"

"Honey, it was the cake of sanitizer they put in the urinals.  Um, did you touch it?"


She was mortified. {Do you think the fact that it's sanitizer cancels out the grossness of where it was or what has been sprayed on it?  I didn't think so.}

There's so much to teach your child to get ready to live in the world!  Telling time and wearing seatbelts and eating a balanced diet and building campfires and flossing. So, turns out I guess I forgot to tell my 12-year-old daughter about the urinal cakes.  I share this so you can spread the word and Maddy's mortification will not have been in vain.

But the uncles thought it was hilarious.

cousin Isaac and Lauren on the tubes