It's a boy's {pretty great} life

Spending a day at our friends' ranch yesterday,
the girls left to help with a wedding
while the boys (and I) stayed put.

playing football with Dad +

riding on (and, for the first time) driving a four-wheeler up the canyon +

more four-wheeling + kickball games +

cooking out in the fire pit +

telling scary stories around the fire & watching the moon rise 

= one happy 10-year-old boy &

one out-of-commission Dad the next day.

We've hit the point of the vacation where we need to recuperate and relax after all this fun. Greg's coming down with some nasty bug and the kids are dragging and crabby on too little sleep + too much stimulation. I'm not sure if we'll even leave our hotel tomorrow!

Home again, home again, jiggity jig on Tuesday.

p.s. I'm experimenting with a wider format and larger photos.  Hopefully my photo skills (and, someday, a better camera) will eventually live up to the HUGE size. I searched high and low for the Blogger codes to make this happen and I'm happy to share.  If you want to know the codes for this format edit, send me an email and I'll give you the links.