In honor of the Olympics starting this week, I wanted to post one of my favorite Olympic moments: Derek Redmond's try for a medal in the 400 meter, Barcelona 1992.  Do you remember this one?

{the clip isn't in English but it's the pure footage of the race}

I love this on so many levels.  I love Derek's determination to finish, no matter what. Disappointed, not what he planned, but he perseveres.  This tenacity is not my default setting--I don't know, maybe it's not anyone's default setting?--so I marvel and am inspired.   

In 1992, I wasn't yet a parent.  Now I also identify with his dad, determined in his own way to get to his son + wrap his arms around him, to walk next to him through the pain.  Love the moments where he tears away from the security (1:00) and later hollers at the guy who tries to get him to leave.  "This is my son!" (1:29). I get that.

Here's an interview with Redmond about the race:

And here's a new  visa commercial  saluting Redmond's courage.

Go world!
We'll be watching + cheering... 
Opening ceremonies are on 08/08/08 
(What a great date.  Also Sam's 10th birthday).