The Silly News

Maddy and Sam like to video themselves doing newscasts. They write the scripts, dress up, create props, and tape it with our home video camera--the whole business. Then they assemble us all for a screening of The 22 News, which is actually a lot of footage of laughing and had-to-be-there joking on tape. Trust me, you really had to be there.

I came across a yet-to-be-shot outline for their next production, a brainstorm list of stories and assignments. Here it is, as written (with typos and all):

  • men's fooseball olympic match (US against Japan, 9 - 9, US get goal, win championship), (Sam)
  • "You Dance Good" finale (Sam & Maddy dancing contest)
  • Ron the Clown (Maddy) interview by Sam
  • Pickle famon in Zimbabue: officials begging others for pickles (Maddy)
  • Local Ikea has to close down because of lack of meatballs (Sam)
  • This Day in History (Maddy)
Although not strictly in the news department (but--hey--local news is constantly airing infotainment segments, right?) I'm especially looking forward to the "You Dance Good" {I'm imagining a neanderthal dance contest where the judges grunt "You. Dance. Good."} and the Ron the Clown segments.

And to get the full funny, you have to understand that Sam really likes the meatballs at Ikea. And pickles.

Now, back to you...