Wonder powers, activate

We're leaving tomorrow for a two-week vacation to visit family and friends.
{Secretly, I love the pre-trip bustle. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.}

Now, where's my golden lasso when I need it?

Oh, the campiness! Raise your hand if you practiced your Wonder Woman spin on the playground and, with your posse of girls, tried to capture unsuspecting classmates with your golden lasso/beaded jumprope {me! when I wasn't playing Charlie's Angels}.

Yes, what I would give for those wonder powers: a few spins, my hair gracefully cascading down my back. Truth-forcing golden lasso, invisible plane, bulletproof bracelets and a titanium bikini.  All a girl needs to take care of business.

Instead, I'm having to use my non-wonder, mortal abilities to wrestle these tasks to the ground:

launder every piece of clothing owned by every member of the household (seriously. Who knew we had so many? Suddenly everyone's interested in having clean clothes.)

download The Closer episodes on my new ipod Josephine (yes, I enjoy naming things)

write up instructions + information for the dog sitter/house sitter

print out boarding passes online

pack my suitcase

supervise the kids' packing (or risk a no toothbrush, no underpants, no jammies fiasco repeat)

go to the library for travel reads for all

change sheets and tidy the house for the housesitter

try to get kids to practice their music one last time

have some I-have-nothing-to-wear moments as I pack

oh, and spend way too much time writing this and perusing Wonder Woman video clips.  Priorities!

Here we come, Logan-Wildwood-Bear Lake-Salt Lake City-Park City! 
We'll have our party shoes on...

*I know wonder twin powers, activate wasn't from Wonder Woman.  But it was an irresistible title.  My apologies to Wonder Twins fans.