One of those welcome signs on the overpass would have sufficed

We're here for less than 24 hours and guess what?

We got robbed in Utah! In my own growing-up hometown! What's up with that?

Our rental car was parked in front of my parents' house last night and someone broke in and took:

- Greg's Garmin navigation system that I brought from home (the one he always puts away but I left out in plain sight on the front window)
-Lauren's ipod, left in her purse, along with...
-Lauren's digital camera AND
-$100 of Lauren's hardearned babysitting money she wanted to use for school clothes

Yeah, Lauren didn't come out of it so well, poor thing.

Oh the irony!  Lauren is the one who considers Utah to be nirvana: where we waterski, play, see family, sleep in...the land of fun + relatives + cute boys + vacation + Hire's cheeseburgers + no chores.  And this valley here? Literally the land of milk (Aggie ice cream, creamies) and honey (Cox's). 

Sorry, Utah, you just slipped a few notches.

We'll give you some chances to show us your good stuff in the coming days though...