Sam ~ my mom ~ Lauren ~ Maddy

Happy Birthday to Sam!  I can't believe my youngest is 10. years. old.  He is a dream of a boy--filled with curiosity and tenderness and boisterousness and laughs.  I'll have to dedicate a whole post to him when we return and I have my brain and more photos.

Our Logan days have flown by and we are off to Wildwood, one of my absolute favorite places in the world.  My grandparents have created a magical place in Provo Canyon with: a rope monkey bridge across the creek, a birdhouse gallery, all the wood and nails you need to make a boat {and plenty of water to float it in}, treehouses, tire swings, a bed swing, hammock, inner tubes for the creek, a Three Bears' Trail up the mountain, and a loft full of beds. 

 {The only thing missing will be the Olympics Opening Ceremony, since this is decidedly a tv-free cabin. But I'll take the trade-off.}

G arrives tonight after a full workweek in Boston (and braving delayed flights and closed airports on the east coast). Let the games begin!