The good and the not-so-good

Last Week.
Good: We went on a Great Outing with Louie

Still: We had a good hike through beautiful grounds
and have a funny story to tell.

Good: G and I went to the North End (Italian section) of Boston for an evening

Even better: We ran into a charming street festival 
(St. Anthony's festival. It seems like there's a festival 
every weekend there) 
with food, music, crowds, and this cute band (I want that backdrop!):

Not-so-good: The kids called and were spooked by a strange sound
so we came home early. 
{We found later that the sound was a bicycle helmet falling off a hook.}

Still: we enjoyed the time we had 
and strolled arm-in-arm in the perfect weather.
And our kids are old enough to leave on their own. Usually.

Good: We went to the White Sox/Red Sox game Saturday night.

Not so good: This (below) is the best shot I got of the night.
I think G enjoyed it a bit more than he's showing.

Still: The Red Sox won, we did the wave, Take Me Out to the Ballgame,
& Sweet Caroline & caught every green light on the way home.

Other not-so-goods: Lauren had several days of mysterious hives so we spent some time in the ER and doctor's office this week, I spilled an entire bottle of Febreze on myself at Target (and embarrassed Maddy in the process), and our beloved pond closed for the season.

Great: We *love* all our neighbors 
& got to know them better at a Labor Day cookout
{who knew that the guy down the street manages rock bands? 
or that the new couple on the corner both teach high school? 
or several neighbors had such great doggy advice?}

Good AND not-so-good: Tomorrow's the last day before school starts for the kids!
{And it's the first day of school for me.}