Any given Tuesday

Accompanying this snapshot:
{just so I won't forget...} 

The sound of Sam composing his own song on the piano.  

The high! notes of the piccolo upstairs playing "We are the Champions" of all things (Lauren's in the Pep Band. We all always join in loudly at the last line..."of the world." )

The smell of after-school toast, slightly overdone.  

Maddy giggling at Louie's antics. 

Clamoring for first-dibs at the computer (practice time=computer time at our house).

Clamoring for not-it on taking the dog for a walk (where are the kids that said pleasepleaseplease we'll take care of won't have to do anything? Gone, I guess.) 

Sunlight through the trees in the backyard, creating an underwater effect of dappled light

Homework splayed out on the table, backpacks and shoes and instrument cases sprawling on the floor of the entry.  (Again!)

My wandering thoughts about what to make for dinner, what to do with my hair (keep growing?), worry about the financial state of the world,  plans for the rest of the week, decorations for the middle school luncheon for visiting Chinese educators, errands I need to run, etc...

Happy hearts beating in three children and one mom.

I love autumn afternoons.