He only has sisters

{Christie, this one's for you}

Possible sign that Sam has been overexposed (by his mother and sister) to musicals. But first, three things you should know:

Back to school night is tonight.

Through some error in counting, his locker is alone & not with the rest of his class.

Every year the kids write a letter to their parents to read at BTS night.

So today he tells me:

"I wrote the note to you and dad today. Guess what I was going to write?"

"Hmm...I don't know. What?"

"Dear Mumsie and Popsicle,
There's been some confusion over lockers here at school*..." But then I thought it would be kind of weird."

Good call, son. Clever, but good call.

*this is the beginning line to a song in Wicked (except it goes "over rooming here at Shiz.") Particularly appropriate since the author of Wicked lives in our neighborhood...