Good Morning Maxfield {and to you, too}

My cousin Jeremy (that's him in the middle in the jacket) is the bass player in a terrific band, Good Morning Maxfield. They have been chosen as one of the top 20 bands in the nation to compete for a spot in the Austin City Limits Festival this year.  It's a Big Deal.  They now need your vote this week to get to the final round in Austin.

You can help with one click! Dreams coming true right there, folks!
With just a little click of your pointer finger!
Go to this link and vote for them.

{You can vote every day until this Saturday.}

I figure the other bands probably have the college vote
but do they have the mommy blogger vote?
I think not!

p.s. these photos were taken on the front porch of my grandparents' house. 
I love that place.

***Update: Thanks so much, everyone who voted.  I just checked the Austin City Limits website and it looks like Good Morning Maxfield made it into the top 5, which means they're headed to Austin for the next round.  Yay!***