Out in a field of snow with a balloon

This is me.  {Not really, but figuratively...}
I'm fine {see? I have a balloon}
but am doing a bit of wandering
from project to project
trying to figure things out
and get things done.*

More soon.
Wish you were here.

*Including (are you really interested? you have a list like this, too, I'll bet): doing a young women program (slideshow, talk) last week speaking in church this week teaching my class  reading and preparing lectures for my class Greg's birthday tomorrow taking a class on teaching enjoying the snow with the kids getting a little exercise running a household writing a qualifying paper yes, going on Facebook (friend me!) oh, the laundry too many orthodonist/dentist/doctor appointments to name thinking about writing but not writing because I want to do it well and keep procrastinating fretting and stewing doing January clean-out (half-hearted) trying to cook good meals corralling my crazy fanciful ideas or setting them free...

photo via booooom