Loveliest day

Our last full day in Florence we spent at the Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens. In a lovely twist of luck, it was the nicest weather day of the whole trip: sunny, blue skies, no wind.  A Room with a View, anyone?  It was a highpoint for me, spending the day wandering around with these people I love.

{On a side note, I love Room with a View.  I made Greg watch the movie when we were dating and he hated it.  What? It gave me pause...could I have a future with someone who despised all things Merchant-Ivoryish?  But then I got over it and I'm glad.  He still doesn't like "pasty-boy movies" but it turns out it doesn't really matter in the big-picture scheme of things.  That's what Girls' Nights Out are for, after all.  And he does love the actual Florence and its views, which is good.}