...my Playing Big post has seen the light of day elsewhere as a guest post at Segullah.  Thanks, Michelle, for playing matchmaker :).  I've enjoyed reading the insights and conversation it generated, which has made me think about it in a new light.  And, turns out, the quote wasn't by Nelson Mandela after all!

...speaking of elsewhere, I just posted a new entry at Letters to a Parent.  I have loved reading Brene's wisdom on her blog and she graciously accepted the invitation to share her thoughts at Letters.  Keep 'em coming, please!

...my mind is also elsewhere today as I try to prepare for teaching next week.  I'm stuck on the preparations for the third session, which is on Death and Dying (certainly a part of lifespan development, after all).    I have the lecture part down but would love to include some movie clips or book passages to highlight the theories and encourage discussion.  Any suggestions?  I did find a couple of poignant, topical audio clips from StoryCorps: here and here. 

...my kids are also elsewhere as everyone is back in school today.  Doesn't it feel like a fresh start?  I haven't yet made official resolutions but I'm liking 2009 already, even though we're in our shy, get-to-know-you phase.